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Reel Prep for Deep Sea FishingServices

At Big Fish Transport, owner Mike Morris has been fishing for over 50 years. He understands how nerve-wrecking it can be to ship thousands of dollars worth of equipment to the landing and praying that it is all there when you arrive for your trip. Mike came up with the concept of Big Fish Transport to give his fellow fishermen the peace-of-mind they need when heading out on long-range trips.

Secure Shipping Site

Ship your gear to Mike’s personal secure shipping site where he will be there to receive and check on any equipment that you need. No more worrying if another angler grabbed your gear by accident or if anything was damaged in transport. Have the peace-of-mind of being able to call and check on your shipment as soon as it arrives.

Pick-Up & Drop Off at Airport

We know that anglers come in from all over the world to San Diego for long-range trips and that transportation can be an issue. Mike will pick you up from the airport with your equipment and deliver you to the docks so you don’t have to mess with cabs and shuttles. Mike can even stop by a local tackle shop on the way to the docks for those last  minute items.

When you return from your trip, Mike will meet you at the docks to drive you back to the airport and get your equipment shipped back home.  Take the worry & hassle out of shipping your equipment after an exhausting trip. Let Big Fish Transport handle it all for you.

secure-shipping-siteReel & Equipment Prep Before Trip

Big Fish Transport has great relationships with local shops like Ken’s Custom Reel. Let Mike take care of the reel prep before you arrive with local professionals.

Landings in San Diego

Big Fish Transport serves many of the landings in San Diego including Seaforth Landing and Shelter Island. We are in contact with the landing during your trip so that we can be sure to meet the boat as it arrives to get you to the airport and secure your equipment.


Services are priced depending on location and poundage are are subject to standard shipping rates through UPS. Please call at (760) 805-0824 for your custom quote.



Living on the East Coast and dedicated to Southern California Long Range Fishing, it has become a dauntless and nerve-racking challenge for me every trip I make when I start to think about logistics. The big question we “long range” long rangers think about is “what do I do with my tackle”? Then the underlying questions arise; will it make it in one piece? Will it be there on time? Will any of it get lost? Do I trust the landing? What can I take on the plane with me? How do I get from the airport to the landing? Are there stores within walking distance?

There’s a simple answer to all of these questions. A “Long Range” concierge and his name is Mike Morris. Mike and I met back in 2012 while in a LR trip on Royal Star; immediately we hit it off and became great friends. Mikes simple offer when we disembarked the boat he asked me if I needed a ride to the airport. I agreed and from that point on, I knew whenever I made the 2000 mile flight to SD, Mike would be there to assist with housing my tackle shipment, storage if necessary, airport rides to the landing and heck, he even offered up a spare bedroom if I needed to stay the night.

Mike and I talk almost weekly as our friendship has developed. His fortitude and desire to solve this agonizing problem has come to a reality. He understands fishing and fishermen, he values the expense of our trips and the investments we make in our tackle and realizes the need for anglers to be properly prepared for their adventure.. Mike is one of us and has developed a way to make our lives easier and help us all take the stress out of our vacations. Not only is Mike a good friend now, he’s who I trust to make sure all my logistics are met and I’m not spending thousands the day I leave to re-outfit because someone mishandled my tackle.

-Brian N., South Carolina

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